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Topics covered by the free personal finance portal provides simple, easy-to-read guides and basic financial advice on so-called complex financial topics such as finance basics, loans, mortgages, investments, credit reports and insurance. deals with 'Basics Of Finance'  topics such as the fundamental laws of risk and return, the importance of getting a credit report and basic debt management strategies deals with 'Loans' topics such as home equity loans, loan consolidation and mortgage refinancing. deals with insurance topics such as automobile insurance, disability insurance, homeowners' insurance, life insurance, long term care insurance and insurance settlements. - the free personal finance portal-the uniqueness

Unlike the financial quacks of the personal finance industry, looks to educate the people of the world on absolute financial truths and down to earth advice based on sound academic research and to create a more educated investor. Why is the only truly free personal finance portal

All the personal finance content on is totally free- the personal finance content does not even need a registration. aims to keep the portal totally free and reaffirms its commitment to providing free personal finance education.

Learn personal finance-Don't listen to financial quacks

Don't listen to financial quacks who peddle wrong advice on topics such as loan consolidation- if you read regularly,the next time a financial quack offers you advice on loan consolidation, you will cross question him on the influence of the global oil price hike and the weakening dollar on long term interest rates!


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